Vesak Celebrations

Sri Sambuddha viharaya had organised a series of meritorious deeds to celebrate Vesak on a grand scale on the 21st  and 22rd of May 2016 under the guidance of Chief incumbent, most venerable ,Keppetiyagoda Gunawansa nayaka thero.Observance of eight precepts started from 8am and ended at 5pm,many devotees took part in it.Evening Buddha vandana with Bodhi pooja was held from 6pm to 06.45pm and then held children’s vesak lantern competition until 7pm on 21st May.

Dayaka Sabhava of Sri  Sambuddha Viharaya in Liverpool had organised a number of events to celebrate Vesak  including Vesak lantern competition, sil samadanweema (observance of eight precepts), Vesak dansala and most importantly, a display of Vesak Thorana. Observance of Sill started from 8am and lasted till 5pm, many devotees took part in it. The lantern competition was sponsored by Tryco International. This was the first event of its kind held in Liverpool.

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