Sri Sambuddha Viharaya is Buddhist temple situated in Liverpool city United Kingdom, which was started on 12th of July 2014. It is Theravada Buddhist Temple. The aim of the temple is to provide unique opportunity to reach the teachings of the Buddha to all around Liverpool. The temple also will provide meditation  for all and Dhamma teaching to the children as well as for those who are interested.


Our monastery also provide flat form for Sri Lankan community to receive and preserve their rich Buddhist culture and pass on that adorable rich heritage to pass to the younger generation, who will be our future. From the inception of the temple it has progressing very well. We hope to extend our service to those who need it more. Our aim is to make our temple to be an spiritual oasis for those who seek the truth. 

Contact Us

  • N0: 10, Grampian Court, Grampian Road, Liverpool, L7 0JX
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  •   0151 476 5227