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Annual Katina robe offering for the monks at the Sri Sambuddha Buddhist Vihara in Liverpool was held with the participation of a huge gathering of devotees on Sunday the 22nd November 2015 at Prescot Town Hall.

උතුම් පැවිදි දිවියේ අඩ සියලව වමරන කාරුණික යතිලරයාය ෝ

Dayaka Sabhava of Sri  Sambuddha Viharaya in Liverpool had organised a number of events to celebrate Vesak  including Vesak lantern competition, sil samadanweema (observance of eight precepts), Vesak dansala and most importantly, a display of Vesak Thorana. Observance of Sill started from 8am and lasted till 5pm, many devotees took part in it. The lantern competition was sponsored by Tryco International. This was the first event of its kind held in Liverpool.

The above event was a well-attended event organised by the Management Committee under the guidance of the Chief Sanga Nayake of Sri Lanka Ramanya Maha Nikaya to Great Britain and Chief Incumbent of both Birmingham Jethavana Viharaya and Sri Sambuddha Viharay in Liverpool, Ven. Keppetiyagoda Gunawansa Nayaka Thero.

We who follow the path of the Buddha whether, monks or laity, should learn to be of ‘Service to Society’. The laity has many different ways and opportunities of providing service to society. As monks, our service to society is essentially by teaching and living the Buddha's message. From the earliest times, it was the monks who saved the society from the brink of decay and destruction and led the people on the correct path .The entire life of a monk is dedicated to social service. The laity will be performing social service in a limited manner compared to monks whose service starts from the day they enter the Order of Monks till the day they pass away. From the partaking of the first alms offered to them on that day of ordination, they devote their whole life to the needs of the people.

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